You Can Help Yosemite

As a donor to Yosemite Conservancy, you help preserve the park for future generations.

Your gift today makes a lasting difference for Yosemite’s trails, habitat, wildlife and much more. And by participating in our outdoor programs, art workshops, theater performances and volunteer opportunities, you are giving back to the park you love.

Saving threatened great gray owls and spotted owls in Yosemite.
A Post-Fire Look at Protecting Yosemite’s Owls

How does wildfire shape wildlife? This summer, with our donors’ support, scientists are studying how the 2013 Rim Fire affected two of Yosemite’s iconic species, great gray owls and spotted owls, to learn how to protect the birds and their habitats.

The newest Nature Notes video examines Yosemite's black bears. image by Bob Roney
New Nature Notes video: Black Bears

The newest Nature Notes video examines Yosemite's black bears. Bears remind us of ourselves, and the complex relationship between bears and humans has changed over time as we strive to keep bears wild.

Denis Newberry teaches students how to make and use a linoleum block print in this fun-filled Yosemite Conservancy art workshop
Long Live Print! A Printmaking Introduction

Learn about the fun world of printmaking in this hands-on Yosemite Conservancy art workshop with artist Denise Newberry.

Photographer guides Keith Walklet and John Ricca are leading a weekend workshop, Yosemite Photography: Focus on Nature 101, in Yosemite Valley this autumn.
Yosemite Photography: Focus on Nature 101

Hone your camera skills under the guidance of expert photographers during a weekend workshop (Oct. 29-Nov. 1) in beautiful Yosemite Valley.

Summer interns in the Yosemite Leadership Program spend 12 weeks living, working and learning in the park.
New on Field Notes: Students Learning to Lead in Yosemite

In our latest blog post, we share videos created by two of the 2015 Yosemite Leadership Program summer interns. See what it’s like to spend 12 weeks living, working and learning in the park!

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Why I Give
Steve and Karen Hanson

Nature is important in our lives... it's our religion. Yosemite is a cathedral in which we chose to seek our inspiration and teach our children... Once we saw what Yosemite Conservancy could do - we wanted to help.

Steve and Karen Hanson
Yosemite Conservancy donors