Board and Council

Thank you to our dedicated board and council members, who provide thoughtful guidance and generous support to ensure Yosemite National Park remains preserved and protected today and for future generations.


Board Members

Philip L. Pillsbury, Jr., Chair

Jan Avent

Bob Bennitt

Diane Ciesinski

Hal Cranston

John Dorman

Leslie Dorman

Dana Dornsife

Kathy Fairbanks

Bill Floyd

Don Fuhrer

Rusty Gregory

Dan Jensen

Greg Johnson

Walt Lemmermann

Bob Lind

Skip Rhodes

Greg Stanger

Russ Stanton

Mike Tollefson

Clifford J. Walker

Phyllis Weber

Council Members (*Board Members)

Hollis and Matt Adams

Jeanne and Michael Adams

Lynda and Scott Adelson

Gretchen Augustyn

Susan and Bill Baribault

Meg and Bob Beck

Suzy and Bob Bennitt*

David Bowman and Gloria Miller

Tori and Bob Brant

Marilyn and Allan Brown

Steve and Diane Ciesinski*

Sandy and Bob Comstock

Marilyn and Don R. Conlan

Hal Cranston* and Joan Francis

Leslie* and John Dorman*

Dave and Dana Dornsife

Lisa and Craig Elliott

Kathy Fairbanks*

Sandra and Bernard Fischbach

Cynthia and Bill Floyd*

Jim Freedman

Susan and Don Fuhrer*

Bonnie and Rusty Gregory*

Karen and Steve Hanson

Christy and Chuck Holloway

Suzanne and Dan Jensen*

Jennifer and Greg Johnson*

Jean Lane

Walt Lemmermann*

Melody and Bob Lind*

Sam and Cindy Livermore

Anahita and Jim Lovelace

Lillian Lovelace

Carolyn and Bill Lowman

Sheila Grether-Marion and Mark Marion

Kirsten and Dan Miks

Robyn and Joe Miller

Dick Otter

Sharon and Phil Pillsbury*

Bill Reller

Frankie and Skip Rhodes*

Liz and Royal Robbins

Lennie and Mike Roberts

Dave Rossetti and Jan Avent*

Linda and Steve Sanchez

Lisa and Greg Stanger*

Jennifer and Russ Stanton*

Ann and George Sundby

Clifford J. Walker*

Jill Appenzeller and Wally Wallner

Jack Walston and Sue Estes

Phyllis Weber* and Art Baggett

Ward and Polly Wolff