Preserve Thomas Hill’s Studio

A contributing structure to the National Historic Landmark status of the Wawona Hotel complex, the Thomas Hill Studio houses the Wawona Visitor Center. Here, the public can obtain information and wilderness permits; purchase maps, books and souvenirs; and become acquainted with the contributions made by landscape artist Thomas Hill in protecting Yosemite and the big trees.

The beautiful Douglas fir floors of the studio, which was originally constructed by Hill in 1884, must be refurbished and preserved to continue to welcome guests in the decades to come.

With your support, this historic and cultural resource will be protected to enhance the visitor experience, create an important connection to Yosemite’s rich cultural history and inspire stewardship.

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Project Notes

The Thomas Hill Studio is an important historic site that connects visitors with the 19th century tourism era in Yosemite and an important contributor to the status of the Wawona Hotel complex as a National Landmark.

Rod Kennec
Exhibit Specialist
Yosemite National Park