Replace the Historic Wawona Stage Coach

An authentic replica of Yosemite’s original stage coach welcomes visitors to the Pioneer Yosemite History Center

For more than 27 years, visitors have enjoyed riding in an authentic replica of the original stage coach that ushered people into Yosemite Valley during the early years of the park’s formation. The sound and sight of the stage and its team of horses rumbling through the Pioneer Yosemite History Center (PYHC) has become an iconic symbol of Yosemite’s past.

After transporting tens of thousands of visitors through all types of road and weather conditions, the wagon needs to be replaced. An expert team of wagon-builders will be commissioned to build a new authentic replica of the stage coach as part of the 150th anniversary of the Yosemite Grant and the 50th anniversary of the PYHC.

Your support helps us enhance the future visitor experience by creating a connection to the park’s past.

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Project Notes

Each year, thousands of park visitors and hundreds and hundreds of school children ride the wagon. This new stage coach will allow so many more visitors to experience horse-drawn travel, relive a bit of history and better understand Yosemite’s past.

Burrel “Buckshot” Maier
Park Ranger/Stage Driver
Yosemite National Park