Winter Adventures

Hikers explore Yosemite’s winter beauty with an experienced guide on a Yosemite Conservancy Custom Adventure


Winter offers an especially serene time to be in Yosemite — a completely different environment from the buzzing activity of summer. The park transforms into a place of hidden treasures: frazil ice formations, granite faces veiled in silvery mist and snow-topped sequoias. Enjoy this sublime photographer’s paradise, or bundle up to forge new trails on snowshoes — whatever you want to do, our experts will ensure you have an unforgettable experience.

Full-day and half-day programs are available. Choose your interest:

  • Snowshoe: View the Valley from breathtaking heights on a snowshoe adventure to Dewey Point, or go off-trail for a truly unique experience
  • Photography: In a private session with a local photographer, you will explore techniques essential to working with winter landscapes to ensure you capture the best of Yosemite during this beautiful season
  • Day Hike: In between snow flurries, there are plenty of opportunities to hike around the Yosemite Valley floor or Hetch Hetchy. Winter is a rare time when you can feel as if you have these treasures all to yourself.

Each winter snowshoe, day hike or photography adventure will feature information on:

  • Wildlife and plant species thriving through the chilly season and special wonders that can only be enjoyed in winter, such as rivers of frazil ice or the thunderous cracking of frozen waterfall floes breaking free from granite
  • Areas of natural and historic significance, such as areas of glacial activity or settlements of indigenous people
  • The stories of Yosemite’s people, from American Indians to pioneers, and even modern-day rock-climbers
  • Photography opportunities for Yosemite’s many icons, including Half Dome, El Capitan, Yosemite Falls or the Royal Arches (depending on location choice).


Itinerary Base price (1-4 people)

Each additional person

(up to 12)

12 and more

Half Day

(4 hours)   

$300 $50 please contact us

Full Day

(8 hours)

$450 $100 please contact us


Transportation and meals are not included. View a packing list of what you’ll need.

Still want more? We can customize a trip to meet to your unique interests and needs. We are available year-round.