Hikers walk through the beautiful Vernal Fall spray zone on Yosemite’s John Muir Trail.

Habitat Restoration

Funding Needed for Habitat Restoration: $493,747

Yosemite’s diverse habitats form the backbone of the park and allow an amazing number of plant and animal species to thrive. Both natural and human forces affect the park’s ecosystems, which is why the Conservancy is funding myriad efforts to restore Yosemite’s habitats for its plant and animal residents to flourish — and its many visitors to enjoy — now and in the future.

A giant white fir next to the John Muir Trail at Merced Lake received a stonework trestle to protect the roots from heavy foot traffic.

Scientists monitor old-growth trees to protect these forest giants

Hikers pass through a rainbow in the beautiful Vernal Fall spray zone, an area that is home to unique, water-loving plant and animal species.

Preserve fragile plants and improve visitor safety

The restoration of the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias balances visitor needs with ecological protection

Preserving an ancient species for future generations.

Restoration to Yosemite’s Bridalveil Fall will enhance the visitor experience while restoring precious habitat.

Enhance the visitor experience while restoring precious habitat in this popular locale