Your Gifts Have Made a Difference

Your donations to Yosemite Conservancy fund projects in every corner of the park, from trail restoration and wildlife protection, to scientific research and youth programs.

Your support has funded successful efforts to reintroduce Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep, restore the trail to Lower Yosemite Fall and teach underserved youth about the ideas of conservation and stewardship of public lands — among hundreds of other projects.

Click on a point on the map below to see where your generous gifts have been hard at work in Yosemite National Park.

Map Key

Use the map key below to see what type of projects your support has funded.

Trails Restored

Wildlife Protected

Habitat Restored

Historic Preservation

Youth Stewardship

Visitor Enrichment

Rebuilding the bridge to Yosemite Falls.

Improvements on some of Yosemite’s most popular trails.

Miles of trails repaired, both visitors and habitat benefit.

Restoration work has been completed on many favorite trails.

A sustainable trail keeps hikers dry and wetlands wet.

Youth groups, climbing organizations and park partners created climber trails and restored habitat.

A flourishing ecosystem was restored.

Key habitat for sensitive species restored.

Restoring wilderness character in forest habitat.

Wet meadow restored at popular hiking destination.

Protecting Yosemite’s beautiful native wildflowers.

Restoring plant and wildlife habitat.

Tiny lichen communities offer big insights on air quality.

Tenaya Lake's East Beach shoreline and wetlands restored.

Reversing decades of overuse in this popular spot.

Enhancing the visitor experience and protecting resources at Yosemite’s spectacular viewing areas.

Falls restoration sets new world-class standard.

A place for campers to gather and learn.

An enhanced visitor experience in Yosemite Valley.

Camera study sheds light on Pacific fishers in Yosemite.

Discovering a new species within Yosemite’s rockfall caves.

Peregrine falcons are back in Yosemite and nesting on El Capitan.

One of California’s rarest and largest birds protected.

Lockers and canisters keep bears healthy and people safe.

Protecting bighorn sheep for more than 20 years.

Underserved teens experience wilderness.

Preparing program graduates for careers in Yosemite.

Students’ lives have been transformed through this unique program.

More children benefit from an expanded program.

Youth participate in park projects during an immersive residential program.

Young adults spend summers in the park gaining valuable skills.

College interns work with the National Park Service.

College students work with park staff during a two-year internship.

Restoring eight historic Yosemite paintings.

Preserving a window into Yosemite’s past.

Protecting this rustic backcountry treasure.

Preserving Yosemite’s historic cabins.