Casual Birding at White Wolf

July 19, 2014 to July 20, 2014

This is your chance to spend a weekend with a skilled naturalist, as you encounter birds such as Townsend’s solitaire, red crossbill, pine siskin, Williamson’s sapsucker and the sooty grouse. White Wolf makes an excellent base for accessing the diverse habitats of Sierra Nevada species. Whether you’re new to birding or want to learn more about the region, you’re bound to enjoy encounters with the many birds that call the park home. In just two days, you will build your observation skills, while exploring the fascinating natural history of Yosemite’s splendid avian life. Program begins Saturday morning at White Wolf Lodge and runs through Sunday afternoon.

Experience package includes camping July 18–21 at White Wolf Campground plus entry into Yosemite. Upgrade your package to stay at White Wolf Lodge July 18–21. Information about upgrading your package will be available once you have registered. View a suggested packing list for this program.

Hiking: Easy to moderate; up to 4 miles a day, some off-trail
Elevation: 7,000'
Experience package: $149
Leader: Michael Ross
Micheal Elsohn Ross, Yosemite Conservancy expert guide

Michael Elsohn Ross

Michael Elsohn Ross has led Outdoor and Custom Adventures for Yosemite Conservancy since 1977. He is the award-winning author of 42 books for young people including “Baby Bear Isn't Hungry”, “The Happy Camper Handbook”, “The World of Small”, and “Snug as a Bug”. He teaches children’s book writing workshops and is a popular speaker at schools and conferences around the world. Michael is passionate about sharing Yosemite’s diversity to newcomers and long-time park enthusiasts. He lives with his family near the park in a home overlooking the Merced River.