Yosemite Conservancy Staff love to share our favorite park tips

Staff Picks

Most of our staff works in Yosemite, and we have a deep love for the park. We also love to share our passion with visitors. After all, when your work involves hiking some of the world’s most beautiful trails, bonding (from a distance) with bears and singing with songbirds, you are bound to uncover some great secrets. These are a few of our favorite things.

Travel with your dog to Yosemite by planning ahead

"Yosemite Valley is a lovely place to visit with a dog in tow."

snowshoeing in Yosemite's Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias

" I left feeling more connected to the park than ever before."

Enjoy great views at Yosemite's Inspiration point.

"The view from Inspiration Point is one of the planet’s more astounding sights. It’s much like the Tunnel View panorama but you’re way above the noise of cars and buses and quite likely to have it all to yourself."

Explore Yosemite Valley's west end.

"Leave the crowds behind and explore the many cultural and natural wonders of Yosemite Valley's west end."

Cook’s Meadow to the East Valley Loop Trail

“At dawn or dusk, you feel like the Valley is your own private wonderland.“

Vernal Falls winter wonderland in Yosemite

"Enjoy the majesty of Vernal Fall in all four seasons."

challenge yourself to climb Yosemite's panorama trail

“Heart pumping, muscle burning, hump up above Yosemite Valley with the reward of beautiful views all the way”

Hike Yosemite Falls

“Hike this Yosemite icon when the water is flowing!”

Hike Yosemite's Mirror Lake

“In the winter it’s as if we are blessed with another entirely different Yosemite – how remarkable to have more than one!”