Hites Cove- Buds, Blooms, Bliss

Submitted by: Angie Sberna, Accounting Director

The first signs of spring usually arrive in the form of delicate wildflowers which paint impressionistic swathes of color across the foothills. Some of the most popular flowers include poppies, owl's clover, blue dicks, lupine, and baby blue eyes.

While the valley flora is still asleep in snow banks, the Merced River Canyon begins to pop with color starting in mid-March and continuing through May. One of the most popular hikes for wildflowers is the Hites Cove trail.  To hike all the way to Hite’s Cove it is 4.5 miles both ways – the trail is mostly flat and is suitable for most people, however steep drop-offs may make it unsafe for young children. For a shorter hike, just go to 1 mile in and turn around; you will still see plenty of beautiful wildflowers. Be sure to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy along the trail and a camera is a must!

Get Started

Look for signs for the sign for Savage's Trading Post on Hwy 140, 20 miles east of Mariposa or 7 miles west of the Arch Rock entrance to Yosemite. Parking is available on the side of road nearest the river. Follow the trail that goes uphill from the highway. The trail can be very sunny so be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen and plenty of water. Ticks are also prevalent in the area in the spring so be sure to check yourself carefully after any hike.

If you’re looking to capture the best of Yosemite wildflowers and waterfalls, sign-up for aYosemite Conservancy guided photography course. Click here for a full list of Outdoor Adventures.