Legendary Valley Trails Restoration

Yosemite Conservancy has completed many ambitious trail projects to date.

In 2012, we did restoration work on many trails, including Upper Yosemite Fall Trail, Four Mile Trail, Tenaya Zig Zags and the Mist Trail. Restored trails keep hikers safe, minimizing tripping and slipping hazards, while providing access to some of the most spectacular views. Good trails also prevent erosion that destroys the surrounding fragile habitat and can cause trees to topple onto trails.

In 2013, we continued to improve accessibility on the Valley Loop Trail from Lower Yosemite Fall to Camp 4. Crews used sustainable materials to create a well-defined, accessible path that allows all visitors to easily navigate the trail. The Swan Slab area was better defined to provide access for climbers, through-access for hikers and improved way-finding.

Restored trails keep hikers safe and minimize tripping and falling hazards, while providing a gateway to spectacular views.

More Trails Restored Projects

Map of Your Impact

From the reintroduction of bighorn sheep to restoration of Yosemite’s legendary trails, your support has made an impact in every corner of the park.