Erase Eco-Graffiti in the Valley

Youth help Yosemite rangers restore native mosses on vandalized boulders.

Visitors embarking on Yosemite’s iconic hikes to Half Dome, Nevada Fall or Vernal Fall on the John Muir Trail or Mist Trail begin their journey through a boulder field draped in dark green mosses. Unfortunately, the first half-mile has been vandalized repeatedly with etchings of initials, words and symbols into the mosses and lichens, exposing the bare granite underneath. This is called “eco-graffiti,” and its appearance is increasing throughout the park. Existing graffiti seems to encourage more such vandalism, so the Conservancy is funding proactive efforts to restore the vandalized boulders at several locations throughout the Valley with help from volunteers. Several techniques that encourage moss growth are being used to cover the graffiti with native mosses.

With your help, the park is restoring beautiful moss and lichen communities, discouraging vandals and enhancing visitors’ natural Yosemite experience.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park and NatureBridge.

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Project Notes

While NatureBridge students were working on the project, a visitor stopped, watched and remarked, ‘It’s like you are restoring my church. Thank goodness for people like you.’

Garrett Dickman
Yosemite National Park