Improve Tuolumne Grove Trailhead & Access Area

Yosemite Conservancy helps improve the entrance to the Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias.

The Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias, Yosemite’s second largest sequoia grove, is visited by more than 80,000 visitors each year. The grove’s trailhead, just before the Tioga Road gate, is a popular year-round stopping place for countless cars and tour busses, which has led to the degradation of the trailhead.

Partnering with the Federal Highway Administration, which is funding the paving of the parking area, Yosemite Conservancy is helping to improve this popular trailhead and provide a sense of transition for visitors embarking on their journey into the grove. In addition to redesigning the parking area for better traffic flow and safety, the project will unify the parking and trailhead area, increase accessibility, add bathrooms and a picnic area, and install orientation and way-finding panels.

With your support, Yosemite will create a safe and welcoming entrance to the Tuolumne Grove trailhead.

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Project Notes

We are excited to partner with the Federal Highway Administration and Yosemite Conservancy to ensure Tuolumne Grove will receive much needed rehabilitation. Visitors will enjoy better facilities, including new pathways and picnic areas, and the grove will be better protected as a result of this work.

Michael Pieper
Project Manager
Yosemite National Park