Rehabilitate Swinging Bridge Picnic Area

The Swinging Bridge picnic area is upgraded to create a welcoming visitor area with greater accessibility.

The Swinging Bridge picnic area is a favorite Yosemite Valley stop for groups both large and small. Currently, the paved trail connecting the parking area, restroom and picnic area with the Swinging Bridge does not meet federal accessibility standards.

This project will upgrade the trail with a properly graded, semi-porous, rustic trail surface that meets federal standards, allowing the trail to meander through the picnic area, with added amenities such as picnic tables and fire grills for all to enjoy. The project also completes a paved bike path that lets visitors ride a continuous loop from the eastern part of the Valley all the way across Swinging Bridge.

Your support means Yosemite can continue to meet its commitment to federal accessibility standards and give visitors of all abilities the opportunity to enjoy this lovely space.

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Project Notes

"By allowing greater access to the picnic area we will be celebrating our outdoor recreation. Imagine being in a wheelchair and being able to visit the Swinging Bridge without having to get into a car."

Ed Walls
Project Manager
Yosemite National Park