Yosemite Leadership Program (YLP) Summer Internship

Yosemite rangers inspire young leaders through summer internships.

The Yosemite Leadership Program summer internship continues to grow. Each year, more college students connect to Yosemite and engage in learning and professional development for public-lands careers.

The two-year program, which includes a 12-week summer internship in Yosemite, exposes students to a range of learning and leadership experiences with the National Park Service and other park partners. Students may work alongside park staff in Wilderness Protection or Preventive Search and Rescue, where they gain practical, field-based experience. Students also complete a field journal and produce a video highlighting their summer experiences.

The internship culminates in a symposium in Yosemite Valley, where students present a professional applied project to park managers and the visiting public.

Your support exposes students to park-protection issues and creates legacies that last long after the internship.

Partnering with UC Merced and Yosemite National Park.

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Project Notes

Thank you so very much for your support of this program. It could not happen without you. It deeply touches the lives of so many and has a tremendous benefit to the long-term protection of Yosemite.

Shauna Potocky
Branch Chief of Education
Yosemite National Park