Plein Air Color and Light: Watercolor

October 20, 2014 to October 25, 2014

As autumn's brilliant colors replace the late summer tones the pace in Yosemite Valley slows and contemplation replaces the summer’s bustle. Explore the shapes and hues of the spectacular Valley under the guidance of our celebrated artist, John Hewitt, who gladly shares his knowledge of watercolor to help you capture the splendor of the season. All skill levels are invited to come learn techniques for creating a successful watercolor, and to join the fun!

Learn to create images that express your personal experience and feelings about a special place. You experience the best of Yosemite when you paint it!


John Hewitt

John Hewitt is a classically trained painter who has studied with master watercolorists for over 10 years. He believes that a truly original artist must develop individualized ideas and priorities. His goal as a painter is to attract the eye of the viewer and elicit a positive emotional response.