Yosemite Spring Landscape in Acrylic

May 5, 2014 to May 10, 2014

Enjoy this Yosemite experience to the fullest as you immerse yourself in a spring acrylic painting adventure. Gracious and encouraging, artist Marcy Wheeler will guide your brush strokes and answer questions as you create your own impressionistic landscape. Relax and be in the moment as you let the colors of Yosemite's spring take expressive form on your canvas. Enjoy the company and share the inspiration as a part of an intimate group of artists in a stunning location.

Forever capture this wonderful moment in time as you create your own unique Yosemite impression.


Marcy Wheeler

For Marcy Wheeler, paintings are inspired by very specific and special places. Marcy is an accomplished artist who has added plein air painting to her repertoire of studio work. She enjoys the freshness of the medium and the challenge of understanding the enormous task of letting nature permeate and change her.