2014 Youth in Yosemite Projects

California Conservation Core in Yosemite

Youth in Yosemite Signature Project

For many people Yosemite has been a ‘life-changing’ experience; memories of camping as children or annual hiking trips to the backcountry as adults have had a profound and positive impact on their lives.

Our commitment to funding youth programs in Yosemite recognizes that connecting youth with nature and the park does transform lives. It opens up new educational, career and life choices for many.

This year through our Signature Project ‘Youth in Yosemite’ we are funding programs that span the entire range of youth development. This will include young children completing Junior Ranger activities while on a day visit to the park, to high school students who will take their very first wilderness overnight trip.

Other youth are returning to the park to participate in mentoring programs that build the experience and skills needed for college placement. And then there are college interns who will spend their summers working side-by-side with park staff, many with the goal of eventually working in Yosemite or other natural areas.

These programs engage youth in projects ranging from trail repair and wilderness restoration to museum archiving. By participating in comprehensive educational programs they leave with many new skills like leadership, literacy and community service. And, as one participant wrote, the best part of this program is providing youth with new dreams for their future.

Youth In Yosemite programs:

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