2015 Youth in Yosemite Projects

2015 Youth in Yosemite Projects

Youth in Yosemite gain key skills and develop a love of nature

Youth in Yosemite Signature Project

“I feel a deeper connection to, and appreciation for, nature. I feel more confident living outdoors and more passionate about conservation.” — 2013 California Conservation Corps participant, age 23

Through Conservancy-funded Youth in Yosemite Programs, youth and young adults begin a lifelong journey to becoming environmental stewards and community leaders, while completing projects that benefit the park. These programs open up a whole new world for kids, many of whom are from underserved communities and have never even been to a national park. For many, it is their first hike, their first campsite, and the discovery of new educational, career and life choices that would not be available otherwise.

Youth in Yosemite Programs span the entire range of youth development — from children earning their Junior Ranger badge during day trips, to young adults restoring backcountry trails and receiving on-the-job training for future careers in Yosemite and beyond.

Youth contribute to projects that preserve and protect Yosemite by helping restore natural habitat and improve wilderness areas throughout the park. The park benefits from repaired bridges, restored backcountry campsites, removal of invasive plants and more opportunities to provide visitor information. Youth develop real-world skills while helping make Yosemite a better place.

Participants undergo a transformative experience during their time in Yosemite. They begin to see themselves as leaders and team players, and they bring these newfound abilities back home to share with their families and communities. They also leave the park with a new understanding of preserving nature and the importance of public lands.

Best of all, thanks to Conservancy donors such as you, these youth leave inspired to become the park stewards of Yosemite’s future. 

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2015 Youth In Yosemite programs:

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