Please note that while Yosemite remains open during the federal government shutdown, services and facilities are very limited, and certain areas of the park are closed. For more information, please refer to the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior: visit and

As the impact of the government shutdown continues to be felt, Yosemite Conservancy remains committed to supporting Yosemite National Park.

Click here for more information on the availability of Yosemite Conservancy programs and services during the shutdown.

About Yosemite Conservancy

Gifts to Yosemite Conservancy support vital projects

About Yosemite Conservancy

Thanks to your support, we provide grants to Yosemite National Park based on the highest-priority needs of the park. Your dedication has funded the restoration of the trail to Lower Yosemite Fall, electronic bear-monitoring equipment to keep bears safe, life-changing youth programs and so much more.


What We Do

Your gifts to Yosemite Conservancy fund projects and programs that are essential to Yosemite’s future:

  • Trails, Wildlife and Habitat: We fund trail and habitat restoration projects, wildlife-protection programs, scientific research and more to preserve and protect Yosemite’s natural wonders and enrich the visitor experience
  • Youth in Yosemite Programs: Thanks to your support, these programs transform the lives of youth of all ages, while youth help transform the park

There are many ways to get involved:

  • Join us in providing for the future of Yosemite. Make a gift to Yosemite Conservancy today. Your gifts help fund important projects in the park, while also giving you access to discounts on programs, accommodations and invitations to special events.
  • Explore Yosemite with our Outdoor Adventures. Experienced naturalist guides lead a variety of tours, including day hikes, backpacking trips, photography workshops and bird-watching tours.
  • Capture the beauty of Yosemite in an art workshop, or enjoy a live theater performance to uncover Yosemite’s history and little-known stories.
  • Volunteer with Yosemite Conservancy to develop an even deeper connection to the park, while sharing your passion with others.
  • Shop in Conservancy bookstores or in our online store, and proceeds go back into essential park projects.


Want to know more? 

Contact Us  at 415-434-1782 or
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Yosemite Conservancy’s Mission

Yosemite Conservancy inspires people to support projects and programs that preserve Yosemite and enrich the visitor experience.


Ensuring Yosemite’s grandeur through the ages.