Bear Proof Lockers

Bear Proof Lockers

Typical Bear Diet

A typical diet for most bears ranges from 4,000 to 20,000 calories a day worth of grasses, berries, acorns and grubs.  They have an incredible sense of smell that allows them to detect things to eat up to three miles away.  For bears, picnic hampers, iceboxes or snacks left in your car, tent or cabin are very tempting, but also very dangerous.

Keeping Bears Healthy

Becoming accustomed to human food is very bad for the bears’ health and also encourages them to approach visitors.  Keeping bears wild while protecting visitors and their property is why Yosemite Conservancy has funded construction and installation of over 2,000 bear proof food storage lockers throughout the park.

Renting Bear Proof Canisters

The Conservancy also rents bear proof canisters to overnight backpackers. These lockers and canisters ensure bears and visitors stay safe.