2017 Scenes From Our Team

2017 Scenes From Our Team

Half Dome, shrouded in clouds on an autumn day. Photo by Carolyn Botell

Some of us live and work in (or right outside) Yosemite, others are farther afield — either way, we cherish moments spent in the park, and sometimes capture them on camera! With December drawing to a close, we took a look back at some of our favorite staff shots from 2017. This year, we...


... watched sunrises and moonrises

Sunrise at Glacier Point, by Alison Dombroski

Moonrise over the eastern Sierra, by Carolyn Botell


... embarked on adventures all over the park, from Conness to the cables

Hikers descending Mount Conness, by Kylie Chappell

Kevin (our finance director) on the Half Dome cables, by Pete Devine (our resident naturalist)


... wondered at waterfalls flowing with spring snowmelt

Horsetail Fall, by Gretchen Roecker

Bridalveil Fall, by Alexa Ward


... headed to the high country to find tranquility at 9,000+ feet

Hiking Mount Hoffmann, by Cassie May

Cathedral Peak at sunset, by Madison Smith


... observed animals in their natural habitats (always from a safe distance, of course!)

Scenes from the field, by Ryan Kelly (our project coordinator): Cardinal meadowhawk, California red-legged frog, and black bear cub

Marmots on the Mount Dana Trail, by Gretchen Roecker


... traced sequoias and pines to their sky-scraping crowns

Spring in Merced Grove, by Debra Holcomb

Yosemite Falls, by Alexa Ward


... and spent quality time with colleagues

Waking up with Half Dome, by Sara Jones

Skiing in the northern Yosemite Wilderness (on a wildlife survey), by Ryan Kelly


Have you spent time in Yosemite this year? Show us your shots on Flickr for a chance to be featured in our social media, website and newsletter. Thanks to everyone who has shared photos with us so far — we look forward to seeing more of your Yosemite views!


Main image: Half Dome shrouded in clouds on an early November day, by Carolyn Botell

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