A Photographic Farewell to Winter

A Photographic Farewell to Winter

Winter transforms the Yosemite landscape, with snow-cloaked granite icons, frosted branches and frozen lakes. Photo: Amanda Roque

Photo: Amanda Roque

With spring officially upon us (astronomically speaking), we're saying farewell to the frozen season with some of the wintertime photos that our Instagram followers captured in Yosemite. Scroll through to take a virtual winter walk through the park, and click on the photographers' names to see more of their work!

Photographer and enthusiastic Yosemite explorer Rowena Lubo captured this blue-sky view of the high Sierra during an "epic snowshoeing day" at Dewey Point in February. 

© Rowena Lubo

Mirza Todorovich shared this photo of frozen trees in the Valley with an apt quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Nature always wears the colors of the spirt."

© Mirza Todorovich

As Brian Chan showed us, the Valley's remarkable rock walls (and evergreen trees) offer abundant winter sustenance for our nature-hungry souls, even if you have only a few hours in the park. He took this photo during a quick day trip to see Yosemite's seasonal scenery.

© Brian Chan

This view of Yosemite's granite icons silhouetted against a seemingly endless winter sky was taken by Billy DeKom while he was waiting to catch the sunrise at Tunnel View. 

© Billy DeKom

Winter bliss! Edmaria Rodriguez took her daughter to Yosemite to celebrate her birthday (and play in the snow). Since moving to California a few years ago, her family has fallen in love with the park. Their daughters have "learned a great deal about nature, themselves and our connection with everything around us because of all of our visits," she says. "It is truly priceless."

© Edmaria Rodriguez

 A lot of people fall in love with Yosemite. And a few lucky people fall in love in Yosemite... 

Conservancy donors Colleen Kent and her husband, Alan, met at a Yosemite photo seminar in 1995, on her birthday (Feb. 2). Five years later, midway through Alan's sunset marriage proposal near Inspiration Point, the sky turned bright pink. Colleen jumped to his camera, which was already set up on a tripod. Alan let her get the shot, then continued his proposal. (She said "yes.")

© Colleen Kent (Feb. 2, 2000)

Colleen and Alan have since moved north and have fewer opportunities to visit the park, but came back this February for her birthday (the 16th anniversary of his sunset-interrupted proposal).  They spent five days in the Valley soaking up the seasonal splendor, including this scene of mist swirling around Yosemite Falls during a snowstorm. Alan gave her a camera as a reminder of their fateful first meeting, 21 years earlier.© Colleen Kent (Feb. 2, 2016)

Nothing says "Yosemite" like pristine water and rugged granite. Debbie Furnari, a Conservancy supporter who says Yosemite is her favorite place to spend time in the winter and summer, shared these photos from her January trip to Yosemite with her daughter, a biannual tradition. © Debbie Furnari

© Debbie Furnari

Adam Domer shot this photo of his cousin, Jesse James Limon, on a Yosemite bridge during the "trip of a lifetime" spent hiking through the snow-blanketed park.© Adam Domer

These two images from Houn-Nam Ing highlight contrasts in Yosemite's winter landscape: The fleeting orange glow of Horsetail Fall, visible only for a brief period in February, and the timeless grandeur of Half Dome presiding over the Valley.

© Houn-Nam Ing

© Houn-Nam Ing

Here's how photographer Douglas Croft describes this shot of a cloud-wrapped Half Dome: "This is one of my favorites of all time from the Valley. It was such a spectacular day.  It had snowed a couple of inches over night and it was super cold so all of the frost and snow stayed in the trees clear through the afternoon." 

Special thanks to Doug for donating proceeds from his landscape photos to the Conservancy!

© Douglas Croft

Finally, we'll close out our official goodbyes to winter with these two views from Jeremy Evans. During the last week of February, he snowshoed to Taft Point and spent three days there. He captured the moonrise timelapse below over the course of about four hours one night. Watch, and get inspired for your own Yosemite adventures — in any season.

© Jeremy Evans

Thank you to everyone who shared your #MyYosemiteWinter photos with us! To see more Yosemite pictures (and share your own), join us on Instagram and Flickr. Not quite ready to bid adieu to the snowy season? Be sure to watch the latest episode of Yosemite Nature Notes ("Ski Yosemite"), which was produced with generous support from our donors.

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