Sharing Traditions Exhibit: History of Cultural Demonstrators in Yosemite - 2012

Sharing the legacy of cultural demonstrators through a basket-weaving museum exhibit

Maggie Howard, Lucy Telles and Julia Parker represent a long line of traditional basket-weavers. Julia Parker is Yosemite National Park's oldest employee and is often described as a "national treasure" for her contribution to cultural education. Collectively these cultural demonstrators are central to Yosemite’s cultural education programs. Their works are in museum collections around the country and they teach regular workshops and demonstrations to park visitors.

This exhibit captured the eighty-year history of cultural demonstrators in Yosemite and included many works not currently on exhibit.

It also created an important collection of images, audio and video material for museum archives, and provided visitors with a unique way to connect with the ‘living history’ of Yosemite’s native peoples.

Your support ensures these artists will continue to share their passion and skills.

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Project Notes

"I want visitors to have a better understanding about the baskets and about the plants we have in Yosemite."

Julia Parker
Cultural Demonstrator
Yosemite National Park