Cultural & Historic

Adding more horses and mules to Yosemite’s hard-working team, continuing a historic and cultural legacy.

Cultural & Historic

The people and ideas that have shaped Yosemite are as intrinsic to the park as granite cliffs and towering trees. Preserving and sharing that past helps visitors forge a connection with Yosemite that will last well into the future. This year, your gifts can bring history to life in a modern way, reinvigorate celebrated traditions and strengthen scenic links to the park’s early years.

Yosemite museum staff create a digital exhibit focused on Yosemite’s cultural history.

Bringing Yosemite's cultural history to a global audience

Yosemite’s long-running mounted patrol shines as a leading cultural institution in the National Park System

Provide support and training for Yosemite's mounted patrol

Crews will clear select vegetation to restore Valley View and other stunning Yosemite vistas. Photo: Yosemite Conservancy.

Help restore the breathtaking and historic vistas of Yosemite's iconic scenery

 Student Conservation Association interns will work with Yosemite Research Library staff to document and digitize thousands of historical images to be made publicly available on a National Park Service online gallery.

Illuminating and sharing Yosemite's human and natural history.