Celebrate Climbing History: Initial Study – 2019

Celebrate Climbing History: Initial Study – 2019

Explore the potential for creating new educational exhibits in Yosemite Valley focused on the park’s most popular sport: rock-climbing. Photo: NPS/Eric Bissell

Rock-climbing is etched deeply into Yosemite’s human story. The park’s cliffs were the birthplace of big-wall climbing; today, climbers from around the world spend hours or days on the walls, scaling routes on iconic features, such as El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks.

Despite climbing’s long history and popularity in the park, Yosemite offers limited opportunities to learn about the sport. Seasonal donor-supported programs, such as Ask a Climber, provide an initial introduction, but the park lacks year-round, centrally located resources for the climbing-curious.

This grant funds a feasibility study for creating climbing-focused exhibits in an existing Valley building. The study will explore opportunities to shape an educational experience anchored in the past, present and future of climbing in the park.

Your support will help lay the groundwork for a potential new educational resource, with value for anyone interested in climbing.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park, American Alpine Club and Yosemite Climbing Association

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Project Notes

Providing accurate information and perspective from actual climbers is a unique opportunity. Many tourists have said that tracking climbers up El Cap has been the best part of their visit.

Ken Yager
Yosemite Climbing Association