Yosemite Goes Global: Connect with International Parks – 2017

Through relationships with "sister parks" around the world, Yosemite staff share technical expertise in stewardship, cultural preservation and visitor services. Photo by Al Golub.

Yosemite helped inspire the national park idea in the United States and globally. Today, parks around the world look to Yosemite as a powerful example of top-notch resource stewardship, cultural preservation and visitor services.

With your support, Yosemite will continue to stand out as a global leader, while strengthening relationships with “sister parks” around the world. In 2017, through conversations and workshops with park representatives from countries such as Japan, Chile and Argentina, Yosemite staff shared technical expertise and discussed ideas for addressing shared challenges, such as the impacts of high visitation and climate change.

Your gifts supported Yosemite’s efforts to engage with the global park community and inspire stewardship around the world.

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park.

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Project Notes
Yosemite rangers maintain relationships with sister parks in other nations, including formal recognition from Chinese delegates.

The stewardship of Yosemite inspires the world. We are recognized as a leader in the international conservation community. Our International Affairs program maintains collaborative relationships with parks and protected areas around the world, contributing to enhanced protected area management on a global scale.

Mike Gauthier
Chief of Staff
Yosemite National Park