Restore Tenaya Lake’s Sunrise Trail & Build Boardwalk - 2014

Restore Tenaya Lake’s Sunrise Trail & Build Boardwalk - 2014

Work at Tenaya Lake has restored damaged areas, improved the visitor experience and increased accessibility for the mobility-impaired, starting at East Beach and along the lakeshore to the southern trail.

Set among towering granite domes and lodgepole pines, Tenaya Lake is often called the “jewel of the high country.” It is Yosemite’s largest frontcountry lake and one of the park’s most popular summer destinations.

Since 2011, Yosemite Conservancy has funded multiple projects to restore damaged areas, improve the visitor experience and increase accessibility for the mobility-impaired at Tenaya Lake. This work started at East Beach and has continued along the lakeshore and surrounding trails. In 2014, work focused on the Sunrise Trailhead area, where crews delineated a trail on the western side of the lake to connect the northern and southern shore trails, removed and revegetated social trails, installed new wayfinding signs, and converted a paved causeway into a raised boardwalk to protect sensitive wetland habitat. 

Thanks to your support, hiking around Tenaya Lake will continue to create lasting impressions of Yosemite’s beauty for future visitors to the high country.

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Project Notes

This work will make it easier for visitors to access Tenaya Lake.

Russell Kisch
Roads and Trail Branch
Yosemite National Park