The Lives of Birds: Yosemite Valley

June 6, 2014 to June 8, 2014

Are you an avid birder or just looking for a fun new experience? Explore a wide variety of habitats around Yosemite Valley in search of common and charismatic birds, ranging from canyon wrens to Peregrine falcons. We will practice identification skills, while learning firsthand about the ecology and seasonal patterns of local birds within Yosemite Valley and other nearby habitats. This program leads participants through a diversity of habitats — forests, meadows and cliffs — in search of birds. Special guest Sarah Stock will join the program for a field trip focused on great gray owls and a bird-banding session. Based in Yosemite Valley, but carpooling to other parts of the park, this outing runs Friday morning through Sunday afternoon.

Experience package includes camping June 5–9 at Upper Pines Campground in Yosemite Valley plus entry into Yosemite. Upgrade your package to stay at Yosemite Lodge at the Falls June 5–9. Information about upgrading your package will be available once you have registered. View a suggested packing list for this program.

Hiking: Easy to moderate; 1–6 miles; participants should be in good physical condition
Elevation: 4,000'–7,000'
Experience package: $269
Leader: David Lukas and special guest Sarah Stock

Sarah Stock

Sarah Stock is a National Park Service wildlife biologist in Yosemite. She has been overseeing the park's Terrestrial Biodiversity Program since 2006. She also works with songbirds, amphibians, bats and more. Before moving to Yosemite Valley, Sarah worked on field biology programs in several parts of the US, including Alaska, the Marianas and Hawaii. She oversaw the songbird monitoring programs of the Big Sur Ornithology Lab immediately prior to moving to Yosemite with her family.