Moonbow Photography – Trip 2

Moonbow Photography – Trip 2

Learn the secrets to capturing an incredible natural phenomenon in Yosemite Valley in this exciting photography workshop
May 19, 2019

Spring is a magical time in Yosemite Valley — not least because it’s moonbow season! Snowmelt flowing over Yosemite’s famous waterfalls creates perfect conditions for moonbows, or lunar rainbows, which result when bright moonlight shines on rushing water.

Moonbows are often only visible through a camera lens, but you’re in luck: On this nighttime adventure, you’ll get to join an expert photographer to learn all the secrets behind capturing this spectacular phenomenon. Your guide will share insider tips, including where and when to set up your camera, and how to use special techniques to capture vibrant shots. End the night equipped with all you need to know to create an incredible moonbow image and your very own series of photos from a memorable night in Yosemite.

Included with your registration:

  • One evening of photography instruction (Sunday, May 19, starting at 5 pm to midnight). Indoor presentation, then outdoor shooting.
  • Park entry (as needed).
  • Camping included, if needed; limited sites are shared among all the participants (reservation arrives Sunday, May 19, and departs Monday, May 20) at Upper Pines Campground in Yosemite Valley. We cannot adjust these dates.

Note: There is no discount if you choose not to use our gate pass or campsites. Information about upgrading your accommodations to stay at Yosemite Valley Lodge will be emailed to you after you sign up. The option to upgrade expires 45 days before the start of the program.

Experience Level: Any (no photography experience required).
Hiking: Easy. Less than 1 mile (hiking after dark, in wet conditions).
Elevation: 4,000 feet.
Registration Price: $129
Naturalist guide and photographer Ira Estin poses with his camera.

Ira Estin

Ira Estin's outdoor experience started early: When he was just one year old, his parents took him camping in Yosemite. Later, as a Boy Scout, he hiked most of the John Muir Trail and backpacked throughout the Sierra Nevada. While studying at University of California, Los Angeles, he honed his mountaineering skills during adventures with the UCLA Mountaineering Club, and developed an interest in outdoor photography. After graduation, he worked with the Apollo Space Program, but eventually transitioned from an engineering career to pursue photography. He has since worked in advertising, wedding and portrait photography, but nature photography remains his primary focus and passion.