Yosemite Exploration: Experience the Climbers’ World

Delve into the fascinating world of Yosemite Valley’s climbing history with a climbing expert.
September 19, 2015

This is a rare opportunity to experience the essence of climbing in Yosemite, hear how it has developed into a world-class sport, and even partake in an interactive equipment demonstration. You won’t rope up and climb, but your expert climbing guide, Doug Robinson, will provide hands-on demonstrations of the modern nylon ropes and hardware that keep Yosemite climbers safe on those sheer granite walls. Doug has been climbing in Yosemite since the Golden Age of the 1960s, and he will enliven the experience with personal stories about the big walls, the clean climbing revolution, free climbing and soloing. You’ll have insider access into Yosemite Valley hot spots to feel the climbing experience at close range. This experience is interactive, so bring your curiosity! And, ultimately, it’s about transcendence, as Doug shares insight into his lifelong quest to understand exactly why people climb mountains.

The Experience Package includes camping at Upper Pines in Yosemite Valley Sept. 18–20. Camping is not required to participate. Park entry is also included, as needed. View a suggested packing list.

Hiking: Moderate; about 3 miles total, some off-trail
Elevation: 4,000'
Experience Package: $99
Expert Guide: Doug Robinson
Doug Robinson

Doug Robinson

Doug Robinson brings a unique perspective. He began climbing in Yosemite as a teenager, dirtbagging his way through the "golden age" of Yosemite climbing in the 1960s. A lifelong climbing guide, he was the first president of the American Mountain Guides Association. He led the Clean Climbing Revolution that culminated in 1973 with a hammerless ascent of the face of Half Dome, a climb that became a National Geographic cover story. All the while he wrote about how it felt and what it all might mean, in magazines from Outside to Rock & Ice, to the LA Times, and in his best-selling “rock video” Moving Over Stone. Doug is a recipient of the American Alpine Club’s literary award, and his latest book, The Alchemy of Action, explains the brain chemistry behind why people climb mountains.