Yosemite Exploration: Mysteries of Yosemite Valley’s West End

Spend a beautiful spring day exploring the enchantments and mysteries of Yosemite Valley’s west end on a guided hike with Yosemite Conservancy.
March 24, 2017

Looking for an insider’s perspective on Yosemite Valley? Join our resident naturalist, Pete Devine, to discover the secrets of Yosemite Valley’s lesser-known west end. During a five-mile day hike on the Valley Loop Trail, you’ll be treated to fascinating facts and stories about the hidden natural treasures and intriguing history of this quiet part of the park. From glacial dams to hidden waterfalls, Pete’s insights into this curious corner of Yosemite will captivate first-time and veteran park visitors alike! 

For a preview of what you might see on this adventure, read Pete’s story about the Valley’s west end.

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Experience Level: Any
Hiking: Easy. The trail is partly paved, but has some slight elevation changes and uneven surfaces; snowy conditions could make it more difficult
Elevation: 4,000 feet
Registration Price: $99
Naturalist: Pete Devine
View a suggested packing list
Pete Devine, Yosemite Conservancy expert guide

Pete Devine

Pete Devine has taught outdoors in Yosemite for 30 years and is the now the Yosemite Conservancy’s Resident Naturalist. Originally from New England, Pete has worked in the West as a park ranger, archeologist, river guide, naturalist and teacher. He has hiked the Alps, Andes, Himalaya, Min Shan and Southern Alps, and has a bird list that includes motmots, minivets, drongos and the plain-mantled tit spinetail. Pete has been studying the recession of Yosemite’s Lyell Glacier for twenty years, and he serves as a Yosemite Expert for National Geographic Expeditions. 

Watch Pete in action in Episode 9 of Yosemite Nature Notes, "Frazil Ice".