Bird-banding helps protect rare bird species in Yosemite

Scientific Research

Yosemite is a living laboratory, a hub for research in a range of fields. Your gifts this year support efforts to learn about — and from — diverse life-forms and landscapes. What can bats teach us about ecosystem health? How can a newly protected meadow serve as a sanctuary for rare species? Such research helps ensure Yosemite remains a haven for plants and animals, and an enriching place for visitors

Yosemite scientists inventory plant and animal species in Ackerson Meadow. Photo: Robb Hirsch.

Uncovering the wildlife and plant species in Ackerson Meadow

Data collected through bird banding in Yosemite is helping protect rare bird species. Photo: Laurel Houston.

Support efforts to study and protect Yosemite’s rare bird species

Conservancy donor funding is making it possible for citizen scientists to help protect Yosemite’s distinctive bat species. Photo: USFWS Ann Froschauer.

Connect to Yosemite’s distinctive bats

Yosemite scientists survey Valley predators to protect endangered species. Photo: Ann and Rob Simpson.

Surveying Yosemite’s predators to protect endangered species