Scientific Research

Bird-banding helps protect rare bird species in Yosemite

Scientific Research

As a protected, mostly wild landscape, Yosemite is an ideal place to study the natural world. How are forests and waterways shifting in the Sierra Nevada? What will a changing climate mean for alpine ecosystems? This year, your support will help scientists collect data from ice fields, mountain meadows and the sky above the park, as they explore current trends in order to prepare for the future.

Data collected through bird banding in Yosemite is helping protect rare bird species.

Helping protect rare bird species

Scientists measure the effects of recent drought and examine glaciers’ role in park ecosystems.

Studying glaciers’ role in park ecosystems

Scientists use data from airborne laser scanning (Light Detection and Ranging, or LiDAR) to produce a high-resolution 3-D map of Yosemite

Cutting-edge technology to help preserve Yosemite for years to come