Sister Park Trips

Yosemite Conservancy Sister Parks Trips to China

In 2009 Yosemite Conservancy organized its first trip to Yosemite’s two sister national parks in China.  Based on the excitement of this first hiking trip there was another successful excursion to China in 2010. 

The focus of these trips is to provide a very park-oriented in-depth visit. Hiking is central to the experience as is meeting with park personnel.  The group is kept small  (15 maximum) to focus on the quality of the trip.  This is a unique opportunity to visit places that see few Westerners and where international tourism is not well developed. Email to learn information regarding future trips.

Different Cultures, Different Trails

One of the many fascinating sites seen on the trips is the approach to trails in parks. For example, while in Huangshan on a 13 mile hike into the Xihai Grand Canyon participants noted the difference in trail construction.

“Unlike trails in Yosemite, Huangshan trails are cultured: cement and stone sidewalks, and miles and miles of stairs. Where we would have cut trails with switchbacks, the Chinese have laid a set of stairs straight up the hill, and hung a sidewalk along the edge of a mountain cliff. The engineering of the trails alone was mind boggling”

Jeannie Tasker 2009.