Tradition, Inspiration, and Art in Yosemite

Yosemite has inspired artists and performers for generations and today Yosemite Conservancy provides many activities for park visitors to be immersed in the arts. The Conservancy manages both the Yosemite Art Center and Yosemite Theater, and provides support for seasonal events, such as Parsons Memorial Summer Series.

Yosemite Theater Brings Yosemite Heroes to Life

Yosemite Conservancy works to preserve Yosemite’s cultural and historic past, while also engaging its future stewards. One of the ways to connect both past and present is through the Yosemite Theater where every night, May through September, visitors are brought on a journey that explores the lives of Yosemite legends. More than 10,000 visitors annually experience lively performances by a variety of nationally known artists enriching the visitor experience and also providing a link to important stories of Yosemite.

Yosemite Theater


Celebrated Artists Share Passion for Yosemite with Park Visitors

For nearly 30 years, Yosemite Art Center has been bringing talented and experienced artists to Yosemite to work in residence and provide art workshops to Yosemite visitors. Art workshops taught at the Yosemite Art Center reach over 2,000 visitors in the course of a season and carry on the long tradition of capturing Yosemite in a variety of mediums.

Yosemite Art Center


Art, Science & Poetry Festival Thrives in Tuolumne

Yosemite Conservancy provides support for special events such as the Parsons Memorial Summer Series in Tuolumne Meadows. This arts and science forum held at the Parsons Lodge offers a diverse menu of celebrated artists, research scientists, naturalist and historians, who share their work in free hour-long presentations every weekend mid July through late August at Parsons Lodge.

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