CCC Crews Restore Trails: Merced Watershed - 2016

CCC Crews Restore Trails: Merced Watershed - 2016

Yosemite’s California Conservation Corps crew restore trails to protect the Merced Watershed.

The California Conservation Corps (CCC), the country’s oldest and largest state conservation-corps program, returned to Yosemite in 2016. Through the CCC’s hands-on trail restoration projects, young adults (ages 18–25) from diverse backgrounds develop important skills while improving and protecting the park’s resources.

Yosemite’s CCC crews benefit from on-the-job training and educational workshops with park professionals. Crew members learn to use sustainable materials and techniques to repair bridges, build rock features, fill ruts and more. While protecting natural resources and creating safe access to the park’s wilderness, CCC participants gain vital knowledge and skills they can apply to future careers in trail restoration and other fields.

In 2016, this CCC crew completed much-needed restoration projects in the Merced watershed, including major repairs on a deeply rutted, heavily eroded section of trail between Lewis Creek and Isberg Pass. Over the course of the season, the crew worked on more than 92 miles of Yosemite trails.

This long-running program benefits not only the trails, but also the CCC crew members. "The program changed my life and made me a better trail worker," one 2016 participant wrote, adding that the season "inspired me to become a future supervisor in conservation or trail work."

Your gifts provided opportunities for young adults to gain hands-on experience in an iconic wilderness setting while completing important restoration work on Yosemite’s trails. Thank you for supporting your park!

Completed in partnership with Yosemite National Park and California Conservation Corps.


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Project Notes
Yosemite’s California Conservation Corps crew restore trails in Benson Lake and Lyell Fork.

The California Conservation Corp trail program continues the long standing partnership with Yosemite National Park for backcountry trail work. In the 35 years of this program over 600 youths have participated in the program, resulting in thousands of miles of trails being improved and maintained.

Lou Summerfield
Facility Management Division, Roads & Trails
Yosemite National Park