The Restoration of Bridalveil Fall – 2018

The Restoration of Bridalveil Fall – 2018

The restoration of Bridalveil Fall will enhance the visitor experience and protect surrounding habitat.

Bridalveil Fall is a mesmerizing sight, no matter how many times you’ve seen its impressive contours. From Tunnel View, the 620-foot waterfall immediately draws your gaze, a bright streak of rushing water against Yosemite Valley’s granite walls.

For many visitors, Bridalveil Fall is the first major feature they see upon arriving in the park and their first stopping point on the Valley floor. Over time, however, the fall’s popularity has outpaced surrounding facilities and trails:

The flood-prone parking area is ill-equipped to handle the flow of cars and pedestrians, leading to hazardous conditions.

Upon arrival, visitors encounter rundown restrooms, as well as a lack of wayfinding and educational information.

Some parts of the trail system are paved, but steep sections and uneven walkways prevent it from being universally accessible.

Overgrown vegetation has obscured views of the fall, and people trying to get an up-close look have to share the single unobstructed viewing area with crowds of other visitors.

The project to restore Bridalveil Fall will enhance the visitor experience and protect surrounding habitat, based on a design informed by a public process and a shared vision for the area. Potential improvements include a redesigned parking area with better drainage and more efficient traffic circulation, accessible pathways and upgraded restrooms, accessible viewpoints and restored historic vistas, a realigned loop trail to reduce crowding, and new signs to help visitors navigate and learn about the area.

Ultimately, this project will reclaim the priceless natural beauty, rustic character and riparian habitats of a popular part of Yosemite Valley, while providing an exceptional and memorable experience for visitors.


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Project Notes
Restoration to Bridalveil Fall will dramatically improve the visitor experience.

As visitors arrive to Bridalveil Fall, they deserve a world-class experience when they get there — and that’s what Yosemite Conservancy will help us achieve. 

Sabrina Diaz
Acting Division Chief of Interpretation and Education
Yosemite National Park

Restoration of Bridalveil Fall

Plunging 620 feet down a granite cliff, Bridalveil Fall offers visitors the first chance to experience one of the...