Restore the Bridalveil Fall Area – 2017

Crucial restoration work will transform the visitor experience at Bridaveil Fall. Photo: Ryan Alonzo.

Plunging 620 feet down a granite cliff, Bridalveil Fall forms a breathtaking sight on the south side of Yosemite Valley. This iconic feature epitomizes the park’s dynamic grandeur — and, understandably, draws a lot of attention from visitors.

Over time, the fall’s popularity has outpaced surrounding facilities and trails. This grant supports early phases of a project to better the Bridalveil Fall visitor experience, with much-needed enhancements, such as new accessible paths, new wayfinding and educational signs, restored views of the icon, and upgrades to the parking area. The project will also improve existing trails, which will create a serene setting for visitors while preserving the hydrology of Bridalveil Fall and Creek.

Your gift will support crucial restoration work to transform the visitor experience at a Yosemite icon and protect natural resources in a highly frequented part of the park.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park.

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Project Notes
Restoration to Bridalveil Fall will dramatically improve the visitor experience.

Every year approximately 400,000 visitors stop to visit Bridalveil Fall. This project will create lasting impressions of Yosemite’s beauty.

R. Brad Lewis
Project Management
Yosemite National Park