Restore the Trail System at Tenaya Lake - 2015

Restore the Trail System at Tenaya Lake - 2015

Tenaya Lake's North Shore trails and wetlands restored by Yosemite crews.

Set among granite domes and lodgepole pines, Tenaya Lake is called the “jewel of the high country.” As Yosemite’s largest frontcountry lake, it is a popular summer destination. Hikers enjoy easy access to the backcountry from trailheads, such as Murphy Creek, on the northern shore.

Your gifts are funding efforts to restore trails and boardwalks on the northern shore to improve the visitor experience and increase accessibility for the mobility-impaired. Restoration work began a few years ago at Tenaya’s East Beach, progressed around the lake with trail restoration on the southern and western trails, and has continued around to the northern trail. In 2015, with help from Yosemite Conservancy volunteers, crews completed a new boardwalk near the Sunrise Trailhead to protect sensitive wetland habitat near the lake’s outlet. Additional work will focus on creating an accessible lakeshore viewing platform, adding educational elements, and rerouting and restoring a section of trail from Sunrise Trailhead to Murphy Creek Trailhead.

Your gifts are ensuring that the trail system around Tenaya Lake provides a memorable, inspiring way for people to experience the beauty of Yosemite’s high country. 

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Project Notes
Trails and wetlands restored on Tenaya Lake's North Shore trail to Murphy Creek.

A looped trail system around Tenaya Lake is a key goal of visitor use enhancements This trail work brings us to 85% completion. This work also includes a study to locate a safe creek crossing for the future phase reroute of the Murphy Creek Wilderness Trail, due to a sensitive archeological site.

Kevin McCardle
Resources Management & Science
Yosemite National Park