Yosemite's WildLink programs connect youth to nature in a national park — and in their own neighborhoods.

Visitor Services

Your support helps create high-quality experiences for all Yosemite visitors. These grants connect people with the park’s climbing culture, help physically disadvantaged adventurers explore the wilderness and improve key safety initiatives. Youth in Yosemite Programs help children develop a lifelong love for nature, encourage college students to explore conservation careers and more. Your gifts inspire people of all ages to learn about, explore and take care of the park.

Yosemite's Adventure Risk Challenge (ARC) helps underserved Merced County teens develop love for the outdoors while building academic and leadership skills. Photo: Adventure Risk Challenge.

Help teens develop academic and leadership skills through exploration and adventures in nature

Yosemite's Ask a Climber program helps visitors and climbers learn about and preserve the park's world-famous cliffs. Photo: NPS.

Support the inspiring and educational exchange between Yosemite climbers and visitors

UC Merced's Yosemite Leadership Program (YLP) offers environmental education, personal and professional development, and hands-on projects to shape a new generation of public lands stewards. Photo: NPS.

Support the development of Yosemite ambassadors as they inspire the next generation through discovery and connection to the outdoors

Yosemite’s Junior Ranger programs inspire kids to learn about and protect natural resources in national parks and in their own backyards. Photo: NPS.

Inspire kids to explore nature in one of Yosemite’s most popular programs

Yosemite’s preventative Search and Rescue programs reduce visitor accident and injury. Photo by Keith Walklet.

Educating visitors to reducing accident and injury

The No Limits program will help wheelchair-reliant youth and adults explore Yosemite.

Support Yosemite's accessibility through expeditions for visitors with physical challenges