Adventure Risk Challenge transforms the lives of underserved youth through team-building in Yosemite.

Visitor Services

These informative, inspirational programs encourage visitors of all ages to learn about, explore and care for the environment in Yosemite and beyond. Your support can help children develop a lifelong love for nature through Junior Ranger activities, encourage college students to explore conservation careers, improve visitor safety through volunteer programs and much more. Such enriching experiences make Yosemite an even more magical place and engage a new generation in preserving the park.

Visitors watch climbers on El Capitan while climbing rangers answer their questions.

Climbing rangers answer your questions

Environmental-education programs in Yosemite’s gateway communities inspire youth.

Students celebrate special park service milestones and learn about their public lands

Children and youth explore nature in Yosemite’s popular Junior Ranger Program.

Children and youth explore nature in one of Yosemite’s most popular programs

Yosemite’s preventative Search and Rescue programs reduce visitor accident and injury.

Educating visitors to reducing accident and injury

Underserved youth learn about nature through photography in Yosemite.

Underserved youth explore nature through photography

Parsons Memorial Lodge hosts a popular arts-and-sciences forum in Yosemite’s Tuolumne Meadows.

Popular arts-and-sciences forum in Tuolumne Meadows

New tent houses better protect Yosemite’s search and rescue volunteers for their summer work shifts.

Caring for our Search and Rescue volunteers

Underserved youth are introduced to Yosemite through WildLink programs.

Underserved youth learn conservation in Yosemite

UC Merced’s on-campus center connects Yosemite with youth in their own communities.

The on-campus center connects the park with youth in their own communities