No Limits: Wheelchair Athletes in Yosemite – 2018

No Limits: Wheelchair Athletes in Yosemite – 2018

The No Limits program will help wheelchair-reliant youth and adults explore Yosemite. Courtesy of Mark Wellman.

With dramatic cliffs and sweeping views at every turn, Yosemite is a beloved destination for hiking, climbing and other outdoor activities. The No Limits Adventure Project, led by two pioneers in adaptive outdoor recreation, gives wheelchair-users from underprivileged communities the chance to experience the thrill of scaling granite walls and traversing rugged trails.

This 2018 grant will provide a diverse group of participants with a four-day experience in Yosemite. While in the park, the group will explore the Valley through hand-cycling, rock-climbing and ranger-led programs. As they push their personal limits, the adventurers will also connect with the environment in a new way, learn about Leave No Trace principles, and develop knowledge and skills to become stewards of the natural world.

Your gift will help some of Yosemite’s most underserved visitors find awe and adventure in a world-famous national park.

Partnering with Yosemite National Park and No Limits.

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Project Notes
No Limits provides safe, inclusive programming for adaptive athletes.

No Limits helps participants discover lifestyles that include expanding their comfort zones, pushing their limits and experiencing nature through safe, inclusive programming.

Sabrina Diaz
Acting Division Chief of Interpretation and Education
Yosemite National Park