Please note that while Yosemite remains open during the federal government shutdown, services and facilities are very limited, and certain areas of the park are closed. For more information, please refer to the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior: visit and

As the impact of the government shutdown continues to be felt, Yosemite Conservancy remains committed to supporting Yosemite National Park.

Click here for more information on the availability of Yosemite Conservancy programs and services during the shutdown.


Volunteers enjoy a fulfilling experience in Yosemite


Conservancy volunteers develop an even deeper connection to Yosemite while sharing their passion with others. From guiding visitors to meaningful encounters with the park to contributing to its sustainability for generations to come, Yosemite Conservancy volunteers enjoy a variety of opportunities.

Ways to Volunteer

Our volunteers experience the beauty of the park, camaraderie with like-minded people, inside information from the National Park Service and the fulfillment of making a lasting impact on a World Heritage Site. They work for a day, weekend, week or month in a variety of volunteer positions.  

Volunteers enjoy a fulfilling experience in Yosemite helping visitors explore art workshops.

Inspire visitors and lead daily art classes in the park.

Visitor Information Assistant volunteers help visitors connect to Yosemite over the summer months.

Share your Yosemite knowledge, and help visitors connect to the park.

Work Week Crews volunteer their time to help preserve and protect Yosemite

Work together to preserve and protect Yosemite.

Volunteers enjoy a fulfilling experience in Yosemite helping youth explore painting workshops

Share your talents as a Youth Art Teacher and inspire visitors.

Corporate Volunteers bond over a shared love of Yosemite

Foster team-building and show your support for Yosemite.

Become a Donor 

Give back to the park you love! Yosemite Conservancy relies on the generosity of donors to provide for Yosemite’s trails, habitat, wildlife and more including this award-winning volunteer program. By donating, you support the Conservancy’s work throughout the park and receive great benefits.