Artist in Residence

Artist in Residence

Volunteers enjoy a fulfilling experience in Yosemite helping visitors explore art workshops.


Inspire Artists to Capture Yosemite

Lead aspiring artists on a journey to capture Yosemite en-plein air in daily art classes. As a Volunteer Art Instructor and Artist-in-Residence, you provide crucial support to the Happy Isles Art & Nature Center programs, working hand in hand with our expert staff.

The Volunteer Art Instructor lives in the park for a minimum of one week, maximum of two weeks, and works a 32-hour week with time off to explore the park. They receive online and on-site training by Yosemite Conservancy and the National Park Service. They enjoy free entrance into the park and camping in group campsites. They also receive a 30 percent discount on art supplies, books and educational materials sold at Yosemite Conservancy bookstores, as well as discounts from the park concessionaire in various park locations.


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Volunteer Art Instructor Schedule:

Season Opens Minimum Commitment Season Ends
March 2019 1-2 weeks October 2019


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Give back to the park you love! Yosemite Conservancy relies on the generosity of donors to provide for Yosemite’s trails, habitat, wildlife and more including this award-winning volunteer program. By donating, you support the Conservancy’s work throughout the park and receive great benefits.