Volunteers Make the Difference

Yosemite Conservancy is proud to support dedicated volunteers and provide an opportunity for them to serve and share their passion for Yosemite.

Visitor Information

In a five month period, Conservancy visitor information volunteers serve over 330,000 visitors at information kiosks located through the park. These volunteers dedicate a month to sharing their love for the park and enriching the experience of visitors. Habitat Restoration and Trail Repair Conservancy volunteers also engage in week-long work projects that provide measurable financial and restorative support to the park. The week-long programs include a variety of field projects such as riverbank rehabilitation, rare plants surveys, meadow restoration, and split rail fence construction.

Making an Impact

During a five month season, 300 volunteers can provide 16,000 combined hours and provide over $344,000 in labor to the park. Whether greeting visitors or restoring trails, Conservancy volunteers make a difference in Yosemite.

Volunteer in Yosemite