Please note that while Yosemite remains open during the federal government shutdown, services and facilities are very limited, and certain areas of the park are closed. For more information, please refer to the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior: visit and

As the impact of the government shutdown continues to be felt, Yosemite Conservancy remains committed to supporting Yosemite National Park.

Click here for more information on the availability of Yosemite Conservancy programs and services during the shutdown.

Elm Tree in Yosemite Valley


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The iconic elm tree in Cook's Meadow is a living remnant of the Yosemite's pioneer past.

Elm Tree in Yosemite Valley

This famous tree in Cook’s Meadow is the last of a group of elms planted by James Mason Hutchings in the mid-1800s. While most elms and other non-native tree species have been removed from the area, this individual remains. The now historic tree, whose leafy contour calls to mind the shape of Half Dome, is a true icon of the Valley floor and a favorite subject among photographers.

Photo: © Keith Walklet



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