Half Dome

Half Dome

If you’re watching the Half Dome webcam, you might spot a restoration project in action! Yosemite crews are working to revitalize wetland habitat in Ahwahnee Meadow. After removing fill material, they’ll carefully reshape the surface to help water flow more freely, and then will sow the meadow with native plants. Ultimately, the project will improve hydrology and protect an important ecosystem that supports diverse plant and animal life. 

Click here to learn about habitat restoration projects you can support in Yosemite this year.

Youth in Yosemite
Youth in Yosemite

Youth in Yosemite Programs span the entire range of youth development, from children earning their Junior Ranger badges while learning about the natural world, to young adults restoring backcountry trails.

Sierra Nevada yellow legged frog by Rob Grasso
Wildlife Management

Yosemite’s meadows, forests, mountains and waterways support an enormous variety of wildlife. Your gifts ensure they can continue to thrive in their natural homes.

Buffalo Soldiers were among the first guardians of the early national parks.
Yosemite Theater

More than a century ago, Yosemite was protected by Buffalo Soldiers, African-American cavalry and infantry troops who served in the U.S. Army and were among the first guardians of the early national parks. Learn more first-hand through a live theater performance.

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