Wildlife Management

Biologists study nesting and breeding habits to help save threatened spotted owls in Yosemite.

Wildlife Management

Yosemite’s meadows, forests, mountains and waterways support an enormous variety of wildlife. In a single day, you might spot monarch butterflies sipping nectar, catch a glimpse of a black bear foraging for berries, and hear the whoosh of an owl swooping overhead. For those and many other creatures, Yosemite is a protected haven. Your gifts ensure the park’s diverse wild animals can continue to thrive in their natural homes. 

Park experts help educate visitors about wildlife collisions and protect precious throughout Yosemite.

Crucial, proven tools and research protect precious wildlife

Replanting native milkweeds and other native plants supports important pollinators and restores natural habitat in Yosemite Valley

Pollinators are critical to a healthy ecosystem

Biologists are saving California red-legged frogs, Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs and Western pond turtles from the brink of extinction in Yosemite

Saving native frogs and turtles from the brink of extinction