Yosemite Conservancy is helping rangers reintroduce iconic Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep into the high country.

Wildlife Management

Wildlife sightings can be a memorable part of a Yosemite visit. Glimpsing a majestic owl soaring overhead or watching a black bear amble through a Valley meadow is an incredible, inspiring moment that reminds us of the importance of keeping wild creatures wild. With your support, the park can protect Yosemite’s rare and beautiful wildlife so future generations can experience the joy of seeing wild animals in their natural environment.

Real-time monitoring and mapping of bear movements reveals new information on Yosemite’s bears. credit Bob Roney

Tracking bears leads to better understanding and visitor safety

Motion-capture cameras help rangers track Yosemite’s Sierra Nevada red foxes and other mammals.

Tracking Sierra Nevada red foxes and high-altitude mammals

Saving threatened owls in Yosemite, such as this juvenile great gray owl.

Saving threatened great gray owls and spotted owls

Biologists are saving California red-legged frogs, Sierra Nevada yellow-legged frogs and Western pond turtles from the brink of extinction in Yosemite

Saving native frogs and turtles from the brink of extinction

A Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep ram waits to be released into Yosemite’s Cathedral Range.

Reintroducing iconic animals into the high country