Magic in Plein Air: Watercolor

April 28, 2014 to May 3, 2014

As the seasons come and go, Yosemite's incredible beauty unfolds in a shifting panorama of sky and stone. Become a keen observer of this wonderful drama through this transparent watercolor workshop. Our skilled watercolorist, Juan Peña, will introduce students to the simplicity of a limited palette in plein air work, making this a valuable experience for all aspiring watercolor artists from the beginner to the advanced. Open yourself up to nature's inspiration and let your painting take on a magic of its own.

Immerse yourself in a place where nature and art come together to create lasting memories.

Juan Peña Artist Instructor Yosemite Conservancy

Juan Peña

Juan Peña is a watercolorist who enjoys sharing his ideas about painting outdoors and in the wilderness. Mr. Peña has been using and painting with only three colors in each painting since 1968. Through his work he has helped students understand what constitutes the use and make up of colors in watercolor compositions, and looks forward to sharing his favorite 3 colors with his students. Juan is a noted artist who has volunteered with Yosemite Art Center for many seasons.