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Yosemite Conservancy's Autumn Winter Magazine 2016 "Protecting Yosemite's Wildlife"

Autumn. Winter Issue 2016
Protecting Yosemite's Wildlife


  • Tracking Black Bears in the Park
  • Songbird Science in Yosemite
  • Expert Insights on Sierra Nevada Red Foxes
  • Q&A with a Biologist about Yosemite's Owls
Spring Summer 2016 Yosemite Conservancy Magazine

Spring.Summer Issue 2016
Keeping Yosemite "Wild"


  • Preserving Yosemite's Wilderness
  • A Guide to Leave No Trace
  • Expert Insights on Preserving Ackerson Meadow
  • Q&A with a Yosemite Botanist
Autumn Winter 2015 Yosemite Conservancy Magazine

Autumn.Winter Issue 2015
Youth Explore Yosemite's "Classroom"


  • Transforming Young Lives, Transforming Yosemite
  • A Day in the Life with World-Class Trail Crews
  • Expert Insights on Reintroducing Bighorn Sheep to Yosemite
  • Presenting Favorite Yosemite Vistas

Extended Article: Q&A with National Park Service Rangers Moses Chun and Alejandra Guzman

Spring Summer 2015 Yosemite Conservancy Magazine

Spring.Summer Issue 2015
Celebrating 125 Years with Yosemite National Park


  • Scientists Research Fire in Yosemite
  • Expert Insights Review 125 Years of Change
  • Yosemite Goes Global

Extended Article: Q&A with Yosemite Museum's Chief Curator, Barbara Beroza

Yosemite Conservancy Magazine Autumn Winter 2014

Autumn.Winter Issue 2014
Restoring the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias


  • Protecting Ancient Giants
  • A Close-Up Look at Life Among the Sequoias
  • Expert Insights on Hydrology in Mariposa Grove
  • Q&A with a Giant Sequoia Insider
Yosemite Conservancy Spring Summer 2014 magazine

Spring.Summer Issue 2014
Commemorating 15o Years of Preservation


  • An Enduring Legacy of Preservation
  • Expert Insight from Ken Burns & Dayton Duncan
  • Restoration at Tenaya Lake's Sunrise Trail
  • Q&A with Yosemite's Iconic Stage Coach Driver
Yosemite Conservancy Autumn Winter 2013 magazine

Autumn.Winter Issue 2013
Ensuring the Future of Yosemite's Trees


  • Habitat Restoration Protects Yosemite's Iconic Trees
  • Youth Crews Preserve Trails and Wilderness
  • Expert Insights into the Next Generation of Giant Sequoias
  • Q&A with a Yosemite Trails Insider
Yosemite Conservancy Spring Summer 2013 magazine

Spring.Summer 2013
Preserving Yosemite's Cultural Past


  • The Legacy of Yosemite's Traditional Basket-Weavers
  • Youth Build a Bridge to the Future

Extended Articles:


Yosemite Conservancy Autumn Winter 2012 magazine

Autumn.Winter Issue 2012
Protecting Yosemite's Diverse Habitats


  • Renewed Efforts in the Fight Against Invasive Plants
  • Restoring Upper Cathedral Meadow
  • Youth Learn About Nature Through Photography

Extended Article: Expert Insights into the Yosemite Toad

Yosemite Conservancy Spring Summer 2012 magazine

Spring.Summer 2012
Inspiring the Next Generation of Park Stewards

Inside: Outdoor Adventures with a Conservancy Naturalist

Extended Articles:

 Yosemite Conservancy Autumn Winter 2011 magazine

Autumn.Winter 2011
Majestic Wonders Beyond the Valley


  • Campaign for Yosemite's Trails Update
  • Wawona Fountains Rehabilitated
  • Q&A With Ostrander Hut Keeper

Extended Article: Restoration Efforts at Tenaya Lake

 Yosemite Conservancy Spring Summer 2011 magazine

Spring.Summer 2011
Paradise Awaits Visitors to the High Country


  • Youth Connect With Nature This Summer
  • Yosemite Wildlife

Extended Articles:

Yosemite Conservancy Autumn Winter 2010 magazine

Autumn.Winter 2010


  • One Day to Discover Yosemite
  • Youth Programs Forge Future Stewards
  • Meet the Programs

Extended Articles: