Youth in Yosemite

Youth make a difference in Yosemite while experiencing profound personal growth.

Youth in Yosemite

The Youth in Yosemite Programs our donors support transform the lives of young people — and transform the park. For participants, these programs are often a starting point for a lifetime of exploring, appreciating and protecting the natural world in Yosemite and beyond. Youth in Yosemite Programs span the entire range of youth development, from children earning their Junior Ranger badges while learning about the natural world, to young adults restoring backcountry trails and receiving on-the-job-training for future careers.

Watch our Youth in Yosemite video to see the students in action, or read full length poems from Youth in Yosemite participants in the ARC program.

Yosemite's WildLink programs connect youth to nature in a national park — and in their own neighborhoods. Photo: NPS.

Help youth develop outdoor skills and learn about ecological restoration and stewardship

Yosemite Leadership Program (YLP) summer internships engage culturally diverse college students through 12 weeks of living, working and learning in the park. Photo: NPS.

Through hands-on experience, interns participate in projects that transform Yosemite